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ZEAL always respect your privacy. The content below is our regulations on privacy policy .

Privacy policy
Privacy Policy shows how we handle personal information that we collect when you are on the Website and ZEAL application, and when you use our services.

Data collection and information usage

We collect personal information when you register to ZEAL website, when you use ZEAL services or buy products of ZEAL, and when you participate in promotions or sweepstakes. We may also receive personal information from our partners.

When you register to our website or buy our product, we will ask for your name, email address, date of birth, gender, phone number. . . Once you have registered to use the service and sign in to our services, we will know your identity.

We also automatically receive and record information in the log files of our server from your browser window, including your IP address, information on cookies and products you have requested.

We use those information to customize the advertising and content you see basing on your interests and your transaction history

Inquiries or feedback

 If you have any questions or feedback, please email support@zeal.com.vn or contact us at (08).668 28 972

ZEAL website term of use

The site www.zeal.com.vn ("ZEAL" in short) is an e-commerce website that allows users to create an account to purchase goods and subscribe to newsletters, promotional information..via ZEAL website. ZEAL members (hereinafter referred to as "Members") can create an account to purchase or subscribe to newsletters, promotional information from ZEAL websites.

The register and service usage of ZEAL means that you agree to these regulations in "ZEAL website term of use". From time to time, to fit the law, we can continue to update the regulations in the terms of use. The continued use of ZEAL website after the terms have been updated means that you accept and agree to the updated terms of use. We encourage you to check terms of use frequently and comply with the terms to use our website in the most efficient way.

Intellectual property rights

- Website ZEAL is the product of MTV Hiep Tri Limited Company and is legally protected. You may not upload, post, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute any materials or ZEAL products unless you get our official documents of.

As a member, you agree for us to use, apply and amended freely, including but not limitation to any ideas, concepts, materials, recommendations, suggestions or contacts and other information you provide to us related to ZEAL and ZEAL products.


ZEAL will not be held liable for any damage or consequences arising directly and indirectly from the random access to the site.