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For your information/FYI

  • - You should have at least two pairs to change, so that your shoes could have some time off.

    - Pay attention to how to use different kinds of shoes. For example, do not wea; fashion shoes and sandals to play sports, special inhouse sports shoes should not be used for outdoor sports.

    - When wearing shoes, avoid direct oil and all kinds of other degenerative inflammable. If it touches your shoes, wash your shoes immediately with clean water. Also avoid shoes contact with chemicals and sharp objects.

    - Shoelaces should not be too tighted, in order for foot to be more comfortable.

    - Clean shoes periodically, you should wash the dirty shoes with gently cloth wipe, avoid using brush to scrub shoes. Do not use bleach to wash shoes and do not put shoes into the washing machine.

    - Leather sports shoes should be polished regularly.

    - Take the shoes pads off when you are at home, hang the shoes at dry place for transpiration.

    - If you're not using shoes for a long time, you should clean, wrap shoes in paper and store in a dry environment.

    - Prevent seepage of water into the shoes, avoid drying shoes at direct sunlight or excessive heat.

    - Prevent shoes compression to avoid deformed.

Common Questions

  • 1. How long does standard delivery take?

    Standard orders should be delivered within 2 to 4 business days following order confirmation. Please allow 2 additional days for rural zip codes.

  • 2. Payment methods?

    You will make the payment after received & checked your orders at the address you registered when you placed the order.

  • 3. Does Zeal accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, PAYPAL…?

    Currently Zeal only applies cash payment. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    We will update our payment methods in the nearest time.

  • 4. Why my promo code doesn’t work?

    Every Zeal’s promo code will have an expiration date. You need to check your promo code expiration date again. If it’s still invalid before the expiration date, please call via hotline (028).668 28 972 for further assistant.

  • 5. How to cancel my order?

    If your order has not delivered yet, you can cancel by contacting via our hotline (028).668 28 972.

    You have 1 Hour to cancel from the time you place the order successful.


  • - Standard orders should be delivered within 3 business days following order confirmation.

    - If you received a damaged, defective or wrong item. Please call hotline (028).668 28 972 for further assitant.


  • - You will make the payment after received products 

    Note: please check the product before paying